Amenities at Rosebank Village

  1. Management, the Village Manager is onsite daily during working hours.
  2. Health care, the Village Matron is on duty daily.
  3. A fully qualified nursing sister to check-in /visit residents daily or as required.
  4. 24/7 a day emergency health care assistance is provided.
  5. Excellent security.
  6. A podiatrist visits the Village every 6 weeks.
  7. Hairdresser – once a week.
  8. Laundry washing and drying machines are available and may be used at a nominal cost.
  9. Catered special lunches, dinners and communal braais can be arranged.
  10. The use of the dining room and the pool/braai area for private functions.
  11. Pre-cooked meal can be ordered and delivered to your unit.
  12. Cleaning, gardening and maintenance staff for the up keep of all common areas.